The Sound of India - a musical culture on the move

About the Film

In fall 2007, we (four final year students of Stuttgart Media University (HdM)) were guests at the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. The purpose of our stay was to produce a documentary film about a subject of our choice. The post production then took place at the HdM in Stuttgart.

As our subject we chose the manifold musical culture of this 4-million-habitants city, but The Sound of India - A Musical Culture on the Move shows more than just exponents of musical scenes as diverse as Bollywood, Bhajan, or Death Metal.

All these people who deal with music as their profession or in their spare time talk about the rapid change happening in today's Indian society, between a thousands-of-years-old tradition and the omnipresent influences from the West, because it is exactly this change that the musical culture of Pune reflects.

The Sound of India - A Musical Culture on the Move
45 minutes